Maryland and Virginia Solar Pools

The combination of solar pool heat and a swimming pool is magic! Heating a swimming pool can be one of the most expensive additions to your monthly electric and/or gas bill. How wonderful would it be to heat your pool free. Rowan Landscape and Pools can install a solar pool heat system that will pay for itself in a couple of years. Heating your swimming pool with solar heat can be one of the most cost effective savings for your home that you can invest in. Rowan Landscape and Pools installs solar pool heat systems in Maryland and Virginia.

Reasons to Use Solar Pool Heat

  • Free heat – no operating costs to heat your pool with solar pool heat!
  • Uses the most environmentally friendly heat source – the sun
  • Solar pool heat extends your swimming season
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of keeping your pool warmer without adding any extra expense.
  • Heat to your heart’s content and it is FREE!
  • Cool the temperature of your pool water down by circulating the pool water through the solar panels at night.
  • Limited 12 year warranty for solar panels
  • Solar Panels are resistant to pool chemicals
  • Solar pool heating components are designed to last without maintenance and replacement
  • Solar pool heat is most energy efficient system in the green industry – leaves no carbon footprint!

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