Our family is fortunate to have a special one of a kind Rowan pool and backyard.  We interviewed several pool designers  to transform our small hardly used sloped backyard into someplace our busy family could truly enjoy–the Rowan team was up to the task and proved to be the perfect fit.  It was a challenging project due to the relatively small size and steep slope of the back-yard, but they used the slope to our advantage by building the pool right into a fabulous new stone wall.  It was clear from the start that the Rowan team has a wealth of expertise, unmatched knowledge base, and creative vision, usually found in larger businesses, but all of it packaged in a family business that treated us with special kindness and care.  During each phase our project, from concept and design, selection of materials, and construction, the Rowan team worked with us on every detail to ensure perfection.  In the end, we were blessed with a luxury back-yard oasis that provides an everyday escape for our family.  Several of our friends have commented its the most beautiful family pool they have ever seen.  We can’t thank Rowan enough and would recommend them without hesitation for any special pool project, no matter size or complexity.         by The Goldstein Family Bethesda, MD